Our Lexicon - Thickness (Thickness measurement)



Thickness (Thickness measurement)

Measureable thikness of lacquering/coating. The most frequent used techniques are: ‘magnetic induction method’ and ‘eddy current method’. The magnetic induction method (according to DIN EN ISO 2178 and ASTM B 499) is used for the measurement of magnetic subsurfaces. Thickness is determined by the measurement of changes regarding magnetic flux. The eddy current method is used for non-magnetic subsurfaces. Thereby, changes of the inductive reactance of a sensing coil are measured (according to DIN EN ISO 2360 and ASTM B 244). Regarding measurement attention should be paid to: Prior to the measurement, the meter must be calibrated with respect to the respective subsurface/work piece; a test stand should be used; measurement must not be made close to the edge; distance to the edge must be greater than the measuring probe’s diameter. Different measurement devices yield distinct measurement results.