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Multi metal

Titan Zirkon

Aluminium pre-treatment




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Methods of coating


Robotic painting

Spindel Beschichtung

Spindle coating

Manuelle Lackierung

Manual coating

Elektrostatische Lackierung

Electrostatic coating


Drum coating


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Screen- and pad printing


Laser marking


The E. Krieg GmbH

Since 1971 the E.Krieg GmbH company has stood for high quality and innovative coating and paint technology.

As an external industrial coating specialist we specialise in manual and automatic coatings as well as technical coatings such as for example EMC coating or anti-friction coatings.

Thanks to high on-time delivery and flexible manufacturing we always meet your demands to your full satisfaction. Our claim, always to deliver the best possible quality, is reflected in our certifications according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and EN 9100.

More than 300 satisfied customers from the automotive industry to medical technology value the responsiveness and quality-focused approach of our team.

Industrial coating - the best result manually and automatically

We place great emphasis on comprehensive advisory discussion, so that only the techniques are used for your individual parts, which guarantee the best results.

Industrial coating only works perfectly if a professional pre-treatment is carried out on the parts in question beforehand.

Depending on the surface in question, we will fluorinate or degrease your industrial artefacts. Iron phosphating as well as pre-treatment of aluminium parts are included within our range of services.

During the subsequent coating we rely on our extensive experience with the various manual and automatic techniques.

With interior and decorative painting, used for example in vehicle interiors, the visual aspect plays a substantial role, which we have in mind during the careful application of the coating process.

The metal and plastic finishing can be carried out both with solvent-based paints, as well as water-based paints, manually or in an automated process. Equally, the mass coating of small parts, which we carry out in special systems, is one of our specialities. For the application of liquid agents to stamped aluminium parts, which will then be processed in solder ovens, we apply the Paint-Flux technique.

Surface finishing: more than a shallow business

Also coating with paints, which provide your industrial artefacts with special properties, is included within our range of professional surface finishing.

We have experience with EMC coating, an electrostatic paint, which provides protection for electrical or electronic devices, as well as low friction coating, which has a friction reduction and anticorrosion effect. Laser marking rounds off our comprehensive portfolio.

What is important to us, is what is important to you: a comprehensive range of services, quality without compromise and specialist support from the first advisory discussion up to the finished product - contact us!