50 years of quality and the high standards.

Qalitätskontrolle bei der E. Krieg GmbH ein wichtiges Thema
  • 1971

    Günther Krieg, supported by his wife Irma, takes over the industrial paint shop brothers Haas in Stgt-Feuerbach, and trades under the name of "brothers Haas descendant”

  • 1972

    Takeover of the Kocher company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt

  • 1973

    Renting of the paint shop at the location of the current plant in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf at Rutesheimer Straße 2

  • 1974

    Fire at the Stuttgart-Feuerbach plant

    Takeover of a paint shop in Korntal; reconstruction of the paint shop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach at the same time

  • 1975

    Acquisition of 60% of Messner company at the Stuttgart-Weilimdorf site

  • 1976

    Eberhard Krieg joins his father's business

  • 1980

    New construction of the administration and production building in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf in Rutesheimer Straße

    Change of name from "brothers Haas descendant" to "Günther Krieg industrial painting"

  • 1982

    Relocation from Stuttgart-Feuerbach to Stuttgart-Weilimdorf to Rutesheimer Straße

    Stuttgart-Weilimdorf becomes new headquarter

  • 1985

    Formation of the E. Krieg GmbH in Stuttgart-Weilimdorff

  • 1990

    New business segment "Technical Coating"

  • 1993

    Transfer of operations of "Günther Krieg industrial painting" to "E. Krieg GmbH"

  • 1994

    In-house takeover of the powder coating operation of Fröscher in Steinheim

  • 1995

    Patent application of the bath change centrifugal and the paint centrifugal process

  • 1997

    Takeover of the powder coating business of the company Bauschutz in Asperg

  • 1998

    First quality certification according to ISO 9001

  • 1999

    Start of the paint shop in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf, Kranstraße

    Implementation of the first robotic painting system

  • 2001

    Implementation of the second, fully automatic robotic painting system

  • 2004

    Relocation of the Steinheim plant to Asperg; discontinuation of the Steinheim site

  • 2008

    Death of company founder Günther Krieg

    First quality certification according to ISO TS 16949

    Moritz Krieg, son of Eberhard Krieg, joins the E. Krieg GmbH

  • 2009

    Giving up of the "powder coating" business in Asperg

  • 2010

    Moritz Krieg becomes shareholder of E. Krieg GmbH

  • 2011

    Successful participation in the ECOfit project of Baden-Württemberg

    Moritz Krieg appointed managing director of E.Krieg GmbH

  • 2014

    Introduction of an environmental management system according to EMAS

  • 2018

    New production and administration site in Rutesheim, Margarete-Steiff-Strasse 6, goes into operation

    Discontinuation of the site in Asperg

  • 2019

    Introduction of the EN 9100 system standard for companies in the aerospace industry

  • 2020

    Eberhard Krieg retires E. Krieg GmbH. Moritz Krieg is the sole managing director

    Relocation of the headquarter of E. Krieg GmbH from Stuttgart-Weilimdorf to Rutesheim

    Discontinuation of the site in Korntal