Sponsoring and Soziales Engagement

Sponsoring and Soziales Engagement

Sponsoring / social activities

As a medium-sized company with strong regional roots, we are particularly interested in supporting young people by sponsoring projects in sports and the social sector.

  • zum SKV Rutesheim / Fußball

    SKV Rutesheim / Football

    The sports federation of our community is close to our hearts. We are therefore happy to support the coaches, assistant coaches, and active people in their work

  • zum TSV Weilimdorf / Fußball

    TSV Weilimdorf / Football

    The new jerseys of the youth team, which we provided as a sponsor, were a highlight for young and old.

  • zum TSV Kleiningersheim / Volleyball

    TSV Kleiningersheim / Volleyball

    Promoting club sports is of great importance to us, which is why we have been supporting the volleyball department of TSV Kleiningersheim for many years.

  • zum Freizeitpark Rutesheim

    We're helping saving lives!

    With the campaign "Fight against cardiac arrest" we support the community of Rutesheim with the installation of a defibrillator at the climbing park Rutesheim.

  • zum Karamba Basta Stuttgart

    Karamba Basta Stuttgart

    We were able to support the media workshop of the Kinderkultureinrichtung Karamba Basta e.V. association for culture for and with kids and young people.

  • zum Schlupfwinkel Stuttgart

    Schlupfwinkel Stuttgart

    For us, it is a given to invest in the social future and have therefore decided to donate to the Schlupfwinkel in Stuttgart. The Schlupfwinkel is a drop-in and counseling center for young people from all walks of life.

  • zur Maria Montesori Grundschule

    Maria Montesori Grundschule

    The friends’ association supports the school in its work for the children. Through our donation, we were able to contribute to the beautification of the schoolyard.