Surface finishing thanks to perfect pre-treatment

Best pre-treatment

The adhesion strength of the subsequent coating depends on the quality of the surface preparation.

For this reason pretreatment is always immensely important for the production process, and for us is the first important step for surface finishing.

We would be happy to offer you a suitable solution for cleaning your parts, according to ISO/TS 16949 certified quality.

Before coating: professional pre-treatment

Once your industrial products been professionally cleaned and degreased, it may still be advisable to further pretreat parts before surface finishing.

We offer you the following pre-treatment techniques:

Making the path to optimum surface finishing easier with degreasing

Next the parts must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, i.e. in an automated process. Solvent degreasing generally leads to the best results.

Since as professional industrial coating experts we carry out this work step using modern systems - for example the Ecoclean cleaning system from DÜRR, this is both environmentally friendly and safe.

We also degrease using water-based cleaning agents.

Aluminium pre-treatment

For aluminium parts aluminium civilisation replaces pretreatment with chrome (VI) and ensures that the aluminium surfaces provide an ideal bonding base for the subsequent coating.

In addition thanks to this pretreatment a temporary corrosion protection is provided.

Iron phosphating

In order to improve the corrosion protection and the bond strength with painting, we recommend iron phosphating.

This involves a very thin fine crystalline layer.

Fluorinating of plastic parts

Fluorination is a chemical reaction in the molecular range and not a coating.

A mix of fluorine gas, to which the parts are exposed in a special system, partially replaces hydrogen atoms due to its high reactivity on the surface of the plastic. This creates a rougher surface, which can be painted very well and remains active for several weeks.

A special advantage with this process is that even very complex geometries can be processed absolutely consistently.

Even internal surfaces, penetrations. etc. are affected by the fluorine gas mixture.

For any questions regarding surface finishing please contact us.