Efficient drum coating


Drum coating

Drum coating allows E.Krieg GmbH to coat large quantities of small parts efficiently and economically for you.

We will provide your plastic or metal small parts with a decorative finish, retain the value or the parts, or ensure that all technical requirements on the parts are met.

Our specially designed systems allow a smooth process. Thanks to our expertise, you can be sure of excellent results.


Drum coating: economic and decorative

There are numerous good reasons to coat your small parts. As well as improving the visual appearance, which meets decorative requirements, the application of a highly visible colour for example to distinguish the coated parts from similar parts. Such marking coating makes subsequent processing easier, and error sources can be eliminated.

During mass small part coating, the small parts are placed into a rotating varnish barrel as bulk product. The small parts which are moving are coated evenly with the coating material using an automated spray system - both solvent-based and water-based paints can be used. This process is reproducible, so that you can rely on consistent quality.

An additional process, which is used especially for the technical coating of mass small parts is our dip spinning process, whereby the parts are dipped and then spun.

Both systems are PLC controlled and are programmed and operated - depending on the parts - in a customised way and according to the requirements.


Custom project work at E. Krieg GmbH

Rely on our expertise - just like all other processes such as robotic painting, interior or decorative painting - for mass small part coating.

After a comprehensive analysis of your enquiry, we will carry out a feasibility check, find a suitable paint system for you, and prepare an offer accordingly.

Our comprehensive advice ensures that we can meet the demands which you place on the application, and which are placed on your parts, to your full satisfaction.


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