Degreasing: surface cleaning without residues

Entfettung Schrauben

Contract degreasing

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The handover to sales, further processing or professional coating all rely on residue-free surface cleaning of the material. E. Krieg GmbH offers you solutions to meet your needs for a wide range of cleaning tasks as part of our contract degreasing.

Associated with this, you will find common terms in use such as degreasing, metal cleaning, metal surface cleaning or component cleaning.

Depending on the case though, these terms do not always apply, or only apply partially. On the one hand it might be a plastic or composite part, on the other, the cleaning process is by no means limited to the narrow area of degreasing.

As well as significant criteria such as the cleaning medium, zone control and temperature, the selected cleaning process is also characterised by the special mechanical influence (agitation/application).

There is a wide spectrum of techniques or combinations in this respect. The cleaning process goes through the following main phases:

  • Spraying
  • Flooding
  • Steam degreasing
  • Moving the cleaning parts (turning, oscillating, or tilting)
  • Ultrasonic treatment at different frequencies

Contract degreasing services

Our cleaning system from Dürr ecoclean degreases your parts by using modified alcohols as a solvent.

The system will clean both metal and plastic parts for you. It is distinguished in particular by its special cleaning programmes, tailored to your products.

Depending on the material and the degree of contamination, an optimum cleaning with the highest process safety is provided by the programmable process technology and continuous removal of the dirt.

Furthermore, the powerful systems work with almost no emissions - thereby exceeding the current environmental standards. Used substances are taken away by external service providers for appropriate disposal.

The result counts - flexible and as per your requirements, by professionals

Together with you, we will define a custom offer for your exact requirements through a personal consultation.

  • Degreasing with subsequent coating from a single source
  • Degreasing with subsequent painting from a single source
  • Improving economic by integrating logistics processes
  • Requirements-based preparation and packing according to your

Benefits to you - an overview

Degreasing from E. Krieg GmbH provides you with the following benefits:

  • PLC controlled fully automated process
  • Automatic feeding of the working chamber
  • Feed with maximum volume dimensions
  • L: 635mm / B: 375mm / H: 375mm
  • Flexible choice of hot- and / or cold dipping process
  • High-performance injection flood washing
  • Spray- and steam-degreasing
  • Continuous solvent treatment with vacuum distillation
  • Ultrasound enhancement
  • Bypass-filtration
  • Emulsion separation and continuous oil discharge
  • Virtually zero-emission operation, very environmentally friendly process

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