Industry coatings: Surface and depth


Robotic painting

The larger the quantities of three-dimensional parts which you need coated, the faster robotic painting comes into play.

They are specially programmed to be optimally set up for the unique properties of your parts.

Thanks to this efficient method of application, both quality improvements and material savings are possible. Optimized coating movements minimize paint consumption.

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Professional robotic painting delivers excellent results

Your three-dimensional parts, which generally have complex geometries can be painted optimally using a robotic painting system. The programs can be set so that the different part geometries can be painted in a flexible way and exactly to your requirements. This allows optimum coating of large volumes of your parts.

We can apply all types of industrial paints - our preference is to work with water-based paints which are better for the environment and are thinned using demineralised water instead of solvents.

Of course when selecting the suitable paint material, all factors such as the substrate, the required technical properties and appearance, the preferred surface structure as well as other specific requirements are taken into account.

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From robotic painting systems through varnishing barrels, to mass small part coating

As well as robotic painting systems we also have access to large area automated painting units for coating two-dimensional parts, rotary table paint systems for processing round parts and varnishing barrels for the mass coating of small parts.

Please contact us directly: After a comprehensive analysis, as well as a feasibility check we will identify a suitable paint system for your parts, and provide you with a corresponding offer. Of course we will answer all of your questions regarding robotic painting and other application systems.

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