Aluminium pre-treatment - non-toxic pre-treatment for aluminium, cast, and forged parts

Aluminium Vorbehandlung

Aluminium pre-treatment

Aluminium pre-treatment is a non-toxic pre-treatment for aluminium, cast, and forged parts, and in many cases can replace pre-treatment with chromium (VI).

The aluminium surfaces which are pre-treated by us provide an ideal adhesion base for subsequent painting or coating.

In addition, this pre-treatment offers temporary corrosion protection before further processing, is insensitive to temperature and improves weldability.

Liquid product for conversion treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys, as well as other alloys.

  • Improves the adhesion for subsequent coating
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Creates transparent (colourless) conversion layers
  • Can also be used in the no-rinse process

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