Plastic coating: Quality and precision


Plastic coating

To offer you the highest quality and precision as part of the plastic coating process, the application of each paint is carried out in an automated process with the utmost precision.

We can guarantee perfect results thanks to our modern cleanroom paint shops as well as the use of the latest robotic technology.

We, your experts for surface finishing, will only used painting materials which are released, to carry out your wishes.


Paint selection, the beginning and end of the perfect plastic coating

We can carry out plastic surface finishing - just like metal painting-both with solvent-based paints as well as environmentally friendly water-based paints.

Water-based paints include paint products, which are manufactured based on special artificial resin combinations, and are both air and oven drying as well as water-soluble.

They are used as decorative or interior paints amongst others in commercial vehicles and cars.

When selecting the optimal paint for your project, we will take into accounts both the condition of the parts to be painted as well as your requirements with respect to the final result.

In each case the base surface - the substrate - plays an important part in the choice. Of equal importance is which technical properties are to be achieved - for example resistance to mechanical, chemical and climatic influences.

Brilliant results, with a great appearance

With respect to the visual appearance you have a whole range of options:


  • RAL
  • NCS
  • Pantone
  • special colour tones on request


  • High-gloss
  • satin finish

Surface structure

  • smooth
  • structure

We will define together with you, which paint system is best suited for your parts and prepare a corresponding offer for you.

To get the best possible plastic painting results, where required or desired we will carry out a thorough pre-treatment and cleaning of the parts. We would be happy to tell you more about our custom project work.

Do you need advice on plastic painting? We are here for you.

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