Electrostatic coating: low losses, efficient and environmentally friendly

Electrostatic coating

The E. Krieg GmbH industrial coating experts have countless application technologies at their disposal, which they can use for the execution of your projects.

This also includes electrostatic coating. In this method paint is electrically charged during atomisation, and applied to an earthed workpiece using an electric field.

This process has especially low losses and is highly efficient. It is particularly suitable for pipe-shaped or intricate objects, since the object does not necessarily need to be turned.

This is how electrostatic coating works

A DC voltage of between 30 kV and 70 kV is applied between the workpiece and the special electrostatic paint unit. This creates a strong electrical field.

As soon as the paint material leaves the paint gun, the paint is electrically charged and follows the field lines towards the part as if magnetically attracted. Since the material is charged in a homopolar manner, a homogeneous paint cloud results in the charging region, which is then attracted by the earthed part.

Paint particles which fly past during conventional painting, are attracted by the part during electrostatic painting, so that the proportion of overspray is substantially reduced.

If you would like more information regarding electrostatic painting or any of our other services, for example such as the EMC coating or interior painting, please contact our expert team.

Our experience and knowledge from 45 years of business, as well as our innovative approach allows us to always offer you the most economic solutions.

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