Precise interior and decorative finishes

Interieur- und Dekorlackierung

Interior and decorative finishes

Interior and decorative painting plays an important role in the automotive sector: Parts which are designated for the vehicle interior must meet high standards for appearance, and for this reason must be painted especially precisely and decoratively.

Decorative and interior parts among others include panels, buttons and switches. Since the manufacture of high-quality decorative surfaces falls within our area of activity, we offer you the required expertise, to achieve perfect results.

Entrust your custom project to our industrial coating experts.


Paint selection, the beginning and end of the perfect plastic coating

To make your work together with us especially fruitful, we see professional consultation as very important.

We are at your side from the first consultation up to the perfect end product, and support you every step of the way to your desired result.

First, we will analyse your enquiry and subject it to a comprehensive feasibility check. Then we will find the optimum coating system for you, and make a corresponding offer.


Your parts become objects of desire

When finding the most suitable coating system many factors play a role: Which base material the paint will be applied to and which properties it requires.

In the main, in addition to technical properties, such as corrosion protection or resistance, optical criteria play a fundamental role.

Of course you have a free choice in the selection of the colour, surface finish and other features - we will carry out your wishes.

As experts for interior and decorative paints, as well as plastic coating and other areas of industrial coatings, we are ready for all and any questions you may have.

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